Discord Gamer Club

Discord Gamer Club has custom channels for all the games YOU play. That you can opt in and out of each game. We strive to give a place were all gamer are welcome with open arms. We provide good staff, giveaways for nitro and many other game related prizes. You can even participate in custom events for all the games the we support, that include (but not limited to), tournaments, build battles, win streak, and many more!

The Team

LoneAssassin: Owner, Contatct At: [email protected]

Primal 8D: Mod

Applications / Forms


Role Info

Role Info

●Owner Stuff●

Owner/Founder Own The Server

Co Owner Co Own The Server

Friend A Friend That I Know In Real Life


Staff You Have To Be Active And Fill Out This Form: https://forms.gle/gicGFNsxzHcPj8VT7. You Make Events, Giveaways, And Help Me And The Community.

Moderator You Get Upgraded From Staff. You Have To Look At The Server And Inforce The Rules.

Admin You Get Upgraded From Staff. You Make Events, Giveaways, Look At The Server And Inforce The Rules, And Keep The Server Up To Date

●Special Roles●

Yellow (Special) Randomly dropped in #general (Extremely hard)

Black (Special) Randomly dropped in #general (Somewhat hard)

Blue (Special) Randomly dropped in #general (Hard)

Red (Special) Randomly dropped in #general (Somewhat Medium)

Purple (Special) Randomly dropped in #general (Medium aka 1 per 2 week)

Pink (Special) Randomly dropped in #general (Easy aka 1 per week)

● Bot Stuff●

Bots Have To Be A Bot

Bot Staff Have To Be A Bot


Content Creator Be a famous content creator

Level 5+ Be level 5 or over

Level 10+ Be level 10 or over

Level 20+ Be level 20 or over

Level 50+ Be level 50 or over

Level 100+ Be level 100 or over

More Roles Coming Soon

The Gamer Club Staff

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